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An Escaped Prisoner Has Finally Been Caught after 32 Years on the Run

It might be a niche genre, but I always enjoy a good prison escape film. Even when movies wherein breaking out of confinement is only a short sequence, it’s something I’ve always found compelling. But one thing you learn as you get older is that a lot of the things that are awesome on the big screen are essentially impossible in real life.

The mechanics of escaping from a huge facility designed specifically for keeping people in is a near impossible task, so digging through a wall with a spoon or tricking the guards is unlikely to really work. And that doesn’t even go into what happens after you’ve escaped. With your face plastered across newspapers and the entire police force on your case, you’ve got a tough job getting anywhere.

That’s an aspect that I’ve always wondered about – would you have to change identities or stay on the move for the rest of your life? How would you even manage to claim a new identity without someone picking up on it? It all sounds so impractical when you put it like that. But it turns out it really is possible, as one prisoner proved 32 years ago.

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