An Amazing Kinetic LEGO Sculpture of a Modern Day Sisyphus Mowing His Lawn For All Eternity

Lawnmover Man

Taking inspiration from a LEGO lawnmower created by Josh David, artist Jason Allemann modified the design that he used for his amazing LEGO Sysyphus kinetic sculpture and updated it a bit. The result is a modern day version of the mythological greek character who endlessly mows the lawn rather than pushing a boulder uphill for all eternity. Allemann shared how he created the sculpture in an informative video.

When Josh David posted his lawnmower model last month, the first thing that came to mind is that I had to stick Sisyphus on the back of it. I got in touch with Josh and we did a little collaboration.

Josh David‘s LEGO Lawn Mower Kinetic Sculpture.

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