An Amazing Animation That Portrays the Life of Queen Elizabeth II in Over 80 Years of Banknotes

Queen Elizabeth’s life in banknotes
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In July 2017, redditor Rocto posted a really clever animation that captures over 80 years of Queen Elizabeth II‘s image during various stages of her life as portrayed through banknotes. The first note in the animation is from 1935 and the final note is from 2017. International banknote expert and researcher Peter Symes has a really informative website regarding the many forms of paper money that feature the image of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait undoubtedly appeared more often on the banknotes of Great Britain’s colonies, prior to the colonies gaining independence and the use of her portrait is not as common as it once was. However, there are a number of nations who retain her as Head of State and she is still portrayed on the banknotes of numerous countries. The Queen has been depicted on the banknotes of thirty-three issuing authorities, as well as on an essay prepared for Zambia.

via Cliff Pickover, Boing Boing

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