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Amy Schumer’s appearance on ‘Family Feud’ was as inappropriately hilarious as you’d expect

As someone who does not keep up with game shows, I was unaware until very recently that Amy Schumer’s family and Kelly Clarkson’s family competed on the recent Season 4 premiere of Celebrity Family Feud. But they did!

And, as one might predict, things got a tad … suggestive.

I should note that, first of all, Amy Schumer’s family was super into the competition. They even had custom jackets made for the occasion.

They were in it to win it, y’all. But, that doesn’t mean that they could keep Amy from being the biting and hilarious woman we all know and love.

Schumer’s first characteristically raunchy response came when host Steve Harvey prompted, “Name something a wife might do to her husband’s bald head in the bedroom.”

Schumer confidently replied, “Push it down!”

The answer earned her some pretty appreciative laughs from Harvey as well as Kelly Clarkson (although the rest of the Clarkson clan looked a tad scandalized).

Another question also earned a fairly memorable Schumer response: “Name a reason your man looks better with clothes than without.”

Schumer yelled out “Tiny penis!!”

Even though Harvey wasn’t impressed or amused by the answer, I personally don’t see the problem: it’s a fairly sensible response, all things considered. Also, if you don’t want a penis-related response, don’t ask questions concerning naked men, a’ight?

Ultimately, the Schumer clan dominated, earning enough points to have $25,000 donated to their chosen charity, Everytown for Gun Safety.

As for the rest of us? We kind of got a mini Amy Schumer standup special out of the whole thing. It’s a win-win!

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