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Amazing Animal Photos Captured Just Seconds Before Chaos Ensued…

Most people absolutely love animals. They are creations of nature that we just can’t get enough of. Whether they are dogs, cats, horses, or even more exotic animals such as lizards and giraffes, we just seem to love them. But what happens when we invade their personal space without knowing?

Well, these people got a little too close to our animal counterparts that we share the Earth with, and I can honestly say, not all of them were the best encounters in the world…

1. What A Quacking Selfie

Can you imagine a duck so cheeky? Most people would think a picture with a duck would be difficult to get because they love to waddle away from humans. But no, this duck wants to have a little nibble of this girl’s finger, and the final photo is not going to look pretty. That duck looks very happy to have a little nip at her index finger, and to be honest with you, he has every right to do so. If you were an animal and a human came and pointed in your face right by your beak, you’d snap back, right?

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