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Alligator spotted scaling a barbed wire fence at Florida golf course


You can build all the fences you want, it’s not going to keep the alligators out.

A gator was captured on camera scaling a chain link fence at the Hideaway Country Club in Fort Meyers, Florida, on Wednesday, a scary sight for any resident hoping to keep alligators at bay. 

The gator, which is estimated to be eight feet in length, had no problem hopping over the fence, and didn’t seem to be affected by the barbed wiring located at the top. 

Jeff Wilson, manager of the golf course tells NBC 2 that he’ll attempt to fortify the fence in the future.

“[He] wiggled some of the poles up a little bit,” Wilson told NBC 2. “In fact, he went over barbwire too, which is pretty amazing, but of course, alligator skin is pretty tough.” Read more…

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