All 12 'Street Fighter II' Endings, RANKED

Back in the day, Street Fighter II was a genuine phenomenon. There were arcades where you’d wait, like, an hour to get a turn. One of my favorite parts of this games was seeing the endings. They weren’t all great, but they were all special, in their own ways. So today, we’re going to rank the best endings of Street Fighter II, and I’m talking about only the original edition of the game, so none of the lame characters are here. Let’s see which endings were the most special, and which were the least…

1. Ryu

Why was Ryu’s ending the best? Because he doesn’t need your damn victory celebration. He’s all about the challenge.

2. E.Honda

Much like Ryu, this badass went out and won the greatest fighting tournament in the world, just so he could rub it in his students’ faces. Then he just chows down on food. The dream.

3. Vega

All Vega does is talk about how great and hot he is, even when he’s just back at his mansion alone. ALSO the dream.

4. Chun Li

I love a good tale of revenge, and I REALLY love a good tale of being a young, single girl again.

5. Blanka

As someone who was identified by their long lost mother by a piece of jewelry on my ankle, I can weirdly relate to this one.

6. Sagat

While we all want to be the “world’s strongest”, those one finger push-ups a the end are a little desperate.

7. Zangief


8. Ken

I’m sorry but Ken is way out of his girlfriend’s league.

9. Balrog

This is a hilarious portrait of what Japanese video game designers thought Americans are like: “Only in America, baby! WE’RE NUMBER ONE!”

10. M. Bison

Seems a little dramatic, tbh.

11. Dhalsim

Those caricatures of Dhalsim and his son are… pretty offensive. Also, he just goes home? Where are the stakes to this victory?!

12. Guile

Look at that f*kin’ nerd in his sweater at the end. Laaaaaaaaame.

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