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A Tattoo Artist Made These Deliberate Mistakes On Ed Sheeran’s Tattoos Just To Mess With Him

What a time to be alive it must be for Ed Sheeran.

Almost universally adored and revered for his considerable musical talent and down-to-earth, lovable demeanour, Sheeran has carved himself a niche in music that seemingly transcends traditional boundaries of genre and nation to become one of music’s most prolific and successful voices. That he achieved the feat from such humble beginnings as a busker only serves to add to his remarkable legacy in the annals of musical history, despite his career still being in a relatively fledgling chapter.

Upon the release of his most recent album, Divide, Sheeran made history when he became the first UK artist to hold nine of the top 10 positions in the UK music chart, as well as 16 of the top 20, despite the fact that the non-deluxe version of the album only had 12 tracks on it.

Divide also broke the record for the fastest selling record from a UK artist of all time, surpassing previous efforts from such legendary British bands as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and – of course – One Direction.

Despite the astronomical success he has achieved in music and his plethora of celebrity pals, Sheeran has fostered a reputation as a genuinely great guy – a notion only furthered by the recent revelation that he sung Little Bird to a seriously ill 15-year-old girl before she sadly passed away.

If you are a Sheeran fan – or even if you have merely seen a photograph of the red-headed songwriter – you will have noticed the startling and seemingly never ending array of tattoos that decorate his body – they are almost as prolific as his musical output.

A new tattoo, though, has rather an amusing back story to it.

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