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A Student Comedian Clapped Back At His University’s Twitter Account, And People Are Loving It

When it comes to pursuing a career in standup comedy, sometimes you just have to take an audience wherever you can get it.

21-year-old James Onuigbo is a senior at Bridgewater State University. James knew that his university’s “Springfest” was coming up, which consists of a week-long series of events, culminating in a comedy show. BSU typically books a big-name standup to headline the show, such as Seth Meyers or Gabriel Iglesias.

However, James had a better idea: why couldn’t the university just hire him?

James tweeted to Bridgewater state, offering his services as a standup for the annual Springfest performance.

Surprisingly, the university actually responded to James’ bold request, and asked him to prove himself by telling a joke.

So, James decided to truly roast Bridgewater State and replied, simply, “Financial Aid.”


James’ fellow student were totally shook — in the best way.

Bridgewater State, to their credit, responded in a totally appropriate manner.

Apparently, though, a well-chosen GIF was not the extent of the university’s response to James’ proposition. James was apparently contacted by “Charlie,” the person responsible for the university’s official Twitter account.

According to BuzzFeed, Charlie wrote to James, saying:

I like your persistence, Jay. And I walked right into the financial aid joke. Well done. As for that actually being a possibility, let me find out who makes those decisions — then you can make your case/jokes there. Sound good?

James is apparently serious about pursuing a career in comedy, and tells BuzzFeed that “Everyone at my college knows me to be a class clown.”

Hopefully James gets the opportunity to perform at Springfest and live out his comedy dreams — but even if he doesn’t, it’s pretty clear that he’s way ahead of the game when it comes to developing a loyal group of fans on Twitter. Which is basically what being a successful comedian is all about these days, right?

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