A Picture of This Girl's Hand Is CONFOUNDING the Internet

On Monday, a woman named Omo Kekere (@Larose419) posted a photo of her her new manicure. As you can see, there’s something a little off about the photo…

Twitter was completely confounded as to why it looked like the woman only had four fingers. Is it an optical illusion? Photoshop? A physical deformity that no one should have pointed out in the name of basic human decency?

Even the French — in fact, for some reason, especially the French — users of Twitter were perplexed by the pic.

As it turns out, the picture wasn’t an optical illusion, a trickery of photo editing, or even a deformity (phew!). Nope, this is just a case of some good ol’ fashion double jointed magic! Apparently, if you’re double jointed, it’s very easy to hide your forefinger behind your thumb. And, as we now know thanks to a LOT of Twitter users getting in on the action, there are quite a few people out there who can do this…

The real horror story here is obviously how f*cking long all those nails are. Since when did sexy Freddy Krueger fingers become a trend, and more importantly, why?!

Do you have any weird/cool double jointed tricks you can do? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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