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A married couple got tipsy and wound up shopping at Target, and Twitter basically agrees that it’s a dream date

Going on dates can take on an entirely new flavor when you’re part of a married couple. Sometimes, a date night is simply a night without the kids. And occasionally, a date night can even involve having a little bit of rum and wandering around a superstore in search of sweet deals.

Tony and Alyssa Serafini are a married couple living in Massachusetts who recently decided to have themselves a little date night. However, after a few drinks, the couple ended up going on a tipsy shopping spree at their local Target (which is perhaps the most relatable thing I’ve ever heard).

“My wife and I had a night without the kids so we wanted to go to a nice restaurant that was out of town,” Tony told POPSUGAR. “After that, we had no plans, until she started talking about shopping … then there we were at Target.”

Because, hey, for many adults, Target is weirdly comforting. (After all, they’ve got that sweet-ass Threshold collection, which just can’t be beat.)

Tony tweeted out photos from their “extravagant” night out, which quickly earned over 162,000 likes and 37,000 retweets.

People were not only excited about the couple’s Target haul, but found the whole experience to be bizarrely relatable.

And yes — in case you were wondering, tipsy purchases were made.

But, Tony also wanted to let Target know that he and his wife don’t intend to make a habit of drunk shopping at their establishment.

Hey, sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things in life — and sometimes, those “little things” are home goods from Target.

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