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A Guy Bragged About Texting His Ex ‘I Hate You’ Every Day, And Twitter Is Ripping Him To Shreds

Breakups are not always amicable, and oftentimes there’s a bit of lingering hostility left behind — i.e., it would be super awkward to run into them in public, and you occasionally Facebook stalk them to make sure that they aren’t living a better life than you.

However, there comes a point when the vitriol against an ex goes a tad too far.

One resentful dude has set the bar for petty breakup moves by allegedly sending “I hate you” texts to his ex every single day, despite the fact that they broke up three years ago.

Twitter user @thelameinyoset boastfully tweeted to his followers that he has texted his ex-girlfriend every day at 7:45 AM for the past three years just to remind her that he “hates her.” He then provided a screenshot of a 7:45 AM alarm, labeled “Text Your Ex You Hate Her. She Ain’t Shit,” as well as a screenshot of the “I hate you” texts.

The tweet was clearly intended to do two things: 1.) get attention, and 2.) gain support from his fellow ex-boyfriends.

However, Twitter was quick to point out that this sort of behavior is straight-up verging on psychotic.

However, people soon started to notice that the screenshot didn’t show the time or the date at the top of each individual text, leading many people to believe the story was a total fake — was would be equally baffling, because why invent a lame and embarrassing habit just so you can brag about it?

And some people were more distracted by the inordinately large number of unread texts on @thelameinyoset’s phone. (Which could also be fake as hell.)

Regardless of whether or not @thelameinyoset’s story is genuine, the whole thing is still astoundingly lame — either he really does text his ex from three years ago every day to tell her that he hates her, or he made up a story about texting her every day in order to get attention on the internet.

Either way: what a loser.

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