A Fluffy Long-Haired Bunny With a Lion Cut Gleefully Romps Around in His Grassy Massachusetts Yard

A sweet little 2-year old Angora bunny named Wally sports an adorable lion cut while gleefully romps around his grassy Natick, Massachusetts yard, always stopping to smell the roses, investigating corners, pretending to be a garden gnome at times and sharing wonderful moments from his amazing life. According to his human Molly, Wally is a β€œHe’s a beautiful little creature and a wonderful pet.”

Wally before his famous haircut.

Happy Throwback Thursday! This is a photo of Wally’s first Halloween in his baby yak costume. Just kidding. He wanted me to say that – please feel free to play along. ???? This is really a photo of Wally before we ever did snippies. I tried so hard to learn to brush him, but he became so anxious that he couldn’t tolerate grooming sessions for more than a few minutes. Look at that gnarly puff! That’s more than a few minutes of de-matting! And that’s when I met Snippies the Wooly Animal Fairy. She handed me a scissors and the rest is history. (But don’t forget that it’s also Wally in a baby yak costume. He’ll be thrilled to know he tricked people.)

A photo posted by [email protected] (@wally_and_molly) on May 19, 2016 at 6:08am PDT

via The Dodo, My Modern Met

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