A Fantastic Imaginary Universe Comprised of Eggs Made to Look Like Planets

British photographer Vins Blake has created “The Planets“, a fantastic imaginary universe comprised of eggs that were treated with a combination of “chemistry and electronic engineering” to give them a true cosmic look. Blake then completed his masterfully executed illusion by shooting the planets from high above in order to make them appear as if they were floating in outer space. “The Planets” is currently being exhibited at the Pontone Gallery in London.

The Planets series is a re-elaboration of reality based on a multifaceted premise that blends art and science by manipulating one’s perception of an otherwise ordinary subject: a simple egg. With his vision Blake challenges both the notion and shape of the subject itself, then its aesthetic impact after the metamorphosis. The result is dramatic and organic, yet, due to the process, permeated with spontaneity and uniqueness.

via Fubiz

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