A Clever Camera Lens Travel Mug That Stirs Drinks With Just a Touch of a Button


The Camera Lens Mug by Center Link Media is clever travel mug that looks exactly like a DSLR camera lens with the added novelty of a self-stirrer that activates with just the touch of a button. The mug is available for purchase via the Laughing Squid online store.

This travel mug looks like a camera lens, and it stirs your drink for you. Take a moment to let that register. This mug handles both hot and cold liquids, and is seriously perfect for Nikon and Canon fans alike.

  • Easily holds & transports hot or cold beverages
  • Features a self-stirring mechanism for blending your drinks
  • Boasts a custom insulated stainless steel interior
  • Portable enough to take on trip, use on the road, etc.
  • Serves as the perfect gift for the camera enthusiast in your life

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