A Backpack Designed to Look Like a Vintage Book

Olde Book Backpack

The Olde Book Backpack by ThinkGeek is a backpack designed to look like a vintage book that can also hold your real books. The backpack lays completely flat when opened up and comes with 2 padded, adjustable backpack straps.

“Do you have your books?” We remember hearing this query every morning before we headed out the door for school. Leaving the house without having to lug our textbooks would have been an absence we would have noticed, we think. But now you can always have a good book with you with this Olde Book Backpack.

See, the Olde Book Backpack looks like a book, and it also holds your books. With 2 lightly padded, adjustable straps, this backpack will show you’re ready for the coming bibliocracy. It has a padded pouch for your tablet or laptop, plus hard (but flexible) sides to protect your stuff from the slings and arrows of everyday life as well as the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. It is a backpack devoutly to be wished. (read more)

Olde Book Backpack

Olde Book Backpack

Olde Book Backpack

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