9 of the Funniest Beauty Challenges on YouTube

Beauty YouTube is a strange place — there are so many channels with millions of subscribers that post at least once a week, so the content has to keep getting crazier in the quest to find something new. Some beauty challenges are practically a parody of themselves at this point, because anything goes when you’re trying to get views. Here are nine of the funniest beauty challenges on YouTube.

1. Full face of rhinestones

The strange thing about the “full face of rhinestones” challenge is that Jenna Marbles’ video isn’t even the weirdest one. Usually Jenna Marbles trolls the beauty community by taking one of their challenges and making it ridiculous, but the full face of rhinestones challenge was already as weird as it gets… or was it?

2. Full face of googly eyes

What’s next after full face of rhinestones? Uhh let’s glue even bigger, even weirder things all over our faces!

3. Full face of highlighters

UAE beauty vlogger Mariya invented this challenge, which sees YouTubers put together a full face of makeup using only highlighters. The challenge went viral and the results are hilarious. She looks like a robot.

4. Face of makeup you hate

Why use makeup you love, when you can use makeup you absolutely hate? There’s something very funny about watching beauty YouTubers make themselves miserable.

5. Face of kids’ makeup

Kids’ makeup is apparently makeup that’s just as expensive as adult makeup but has cuter packaging and doesn’t work as well. There’s even kids’ foundation. Why are kids wearing foundation?!

6. 100 layers videos

It all started with 100 layers of nail polish, and went onto 100 layers of liquid lipstick, 100 layers of foundation, 100 layers of mascara, and on and on. They’re basically all funny and very satisfying (from a schadenfreude perspective).

7. Full face using only food

Why would anyone put peanut butter all over their face like foundation?! For the views, y’all. For the views.

8. Full face using only jail/prison makeup

Instant coffee powder mixed with water to fill in eyebrows, foundation made out of lotion and baby powder – this new challenge is all about channeling your inner Sophia from Orange is the New Black and creating a full face of makeup only out of cosmetics you can create in prison. The results are hilariously bad.

9. Full face using only the opposite hand

You wouldn’t think this would be too hard, but watching people struggle to do anything with their opposite hand is so funny.

What’s your favorite funny beauty challenge on YouTube? Any new ones I missed? I want to see them all so tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!

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