8 Times People Thought Jokes Online Were Real

Jokes are important — they’re a way to speak truth to power, to make fun of the most painful things in life, or to just laugh about how weird it is that we all poop. But sometimes people think that jokes are real, because many people have no sense of humor and are extremely gullible. Here are eight times people took jokes way too seriously.

1) Donald Trump believed a Twitter joke about ripping up absentee ballots

@randygdub on Twitter posted this obvious joke of a tweet. In case the tweet itself is not obvious enough of a joke (it would be impossible to tell from the outside of a ballot if it was for Trump or not, also nobody would do this, also nobody would do this and brag about it on Twitter while being specific about where they work), a brief perusal of their account would tell you that all their tweets are obvious f*cking jokes. But you should never underestimate people’s gullibility and lack of any goddamned common sense. Snopes had to write a whole article about it, and the Post Office itself tweeted that they investigated and found no wrongdoing. Drudge and Rush Limbaugh shared the “story” like it was real and then, weeks after the Snopes article proving it was a mother f*cking joke, Donald Trump talked about it in a speech like it was real!

2) Spider eggs hatching in Beanie Babies

beanie babies png

Clickhole, the Buzzfeed-type satire site owned by The Onion, posted an article suggesting Beanie Babies were filled with spider eggs in the ‘90s and they would now be hatching. Since people are so ridiculously gullible, the joke spread around the internet as fact, as witnessed by all these websites wondering if Beanie Babies do indeed explode into spiders. Maybe what annoys me most is that people were calling it a “hoax”. No. A hoax is something people do with the intention of fooling people. This isn’t a hoax, because it was never intended to fool people. I’m sure Clickhole didn’t realize people were so stupid that they’d actually think BEANIE BABIES WERE SYSTEMATICALLY STUFFED WITH SPIDER EGGS.

3) Statue of Mona Lisa meme

Statue Liberty jpg

dumb tweets png

I’ve seen this on Twitter and Facebook before, and every time people feel the need to point out that it’s actually the Statue of Liberty and Owen Wilson. Thank you, you total geniuses.

2) And another tweet about voter fraud

Comedian Rob Whisman tweeted, “New fakes are in. Ready to make Hillary president.” They’re just pictures of his own ID photoshopped multiple times, and it’s a really obvious joke because 1) he’s a comedian, and 2) nobody would brag about committing voter fraud on Twitter, and 3) nobody even does this. It doesn’t make sense. They’re all his own ID. Jesus Christ. But that didn’t stop the Trump Twitterverse from seizing on it and thinking it was real. The original tweet is deleted now because he was getting so much harassment but this screenshot of morons taking it seriously lives on.

5) Gaia’s Dancing Indigo Children: Intergalactic Facebook page

Halloween costumes jpg

angry facebook png

I had the misfortune of discovering the Gaia’s Dancing Indigo Children: Intergalactic Facebook page because this meme was being shared all over and people were really pissed. Because people are f*cking idiots and didn’t realize it was a joke. This whole account is making fun of liberals, and then conservatives are getting mad because they think it’s real. Even though the people who made it are clearly conservatives themselves. Like I said, people are idiots. These are but two of the outraged posts on their wall. You really need to visit the page itself to see the gullible rage in all its splendor.

6) Every tweet from @Classic_Picx

hanson nirvana troll tweet

The @Classic_Picx Twitter account posts photos with inaccurate titles, sort of like a troll version of @HistoryInPics. No matter how inaccurate the tweet, they get well meaning “corrections” every single time.

7) When I wrote a really sarcastic article and lots of people did not get it

Lainey Boggs jpg

I wrote an article once called 14 Gorgeous Actors Who Played “Ugly” Characters, where I made fun of the Hollywood phenomenon of taking gorgeous actors, giving them curly hair and/or glasses, and suddenly expecting us to think they’re ugly. It included such sarcastic sentences as, “Oh GROSS! Have you SEEN that ponytail? And those overalls?! What a hag! Thank god she got a makeover or else Freddie Prinze Jr. could never love her!” and yet I got hundreds of comments from people who thought I was being serious. I lost my faith in humanity that day.

8) These people who thought The Onion was real:

Onion Swift png

Onion Anthem png

Onion Friday png

There are a million of these out there. It is truly incredible our species has made it this long.

Did I miss any well-known jokes being taken seriously? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!

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