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8 Things Movie Sex Scenes Definitely Don’t Teach You About Sex

Movie sex scenes; some are good, some are tragic. Different strokes for different folks comes into play here but we all have one particular favourite, don’t we? That one you’ll watch back over a dozen times, look up on YouTube in quiet moments at work, think about frantically on cold and lonely nights – no? Just me? Probably. (Blue is the Warmest Colour, if you were wondering). I guess my point is, it’s important to get the X-rated scenes right in films – and it’s very easy to get them wrong.

Hollywood infamously falsely represents real-life situations. From picturesque beginnings to fairytale endings, with all the Prince Charmings, Cinderellas and female orgasms in between. The majority of sex scenes tend to follow a general pattern: straightforward, succinct and satisfying. So here are eight things that the sex scenes in movies will show to be true, even though they’re not necessarily accurate in real life…

1. Words aren’t necessary for communicating what you want in the bedroom

This is particularly true when a pair are getting it on for the first time. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy – but here’s an orgasm within a few minutes because I’ve worked out exactly what your body responds to and what you’re into sexually based on nothing more than eye contact – call me maybe?”

2. Removing clothes is a sexy, fuss-free procedure

If you haven’t tripped over on your own sock, have you even had sex?

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