8 of the Most Niche Streaming Services

What to do when your current rotation of Netflix, Hulu, and your best friend’s mom’s HBOGo subscription just aren’t cutting it? Drop $5.99 to watch Trolls? Heck no! You’d rather read *shiver* than do that. Check out these niche streaming services, because who knows? Maybe you’ll find your one true destined streaming service and quit all this dating around and settle down like your mom wants.

1. Seeso


Itching for more comedy in your sad life? I know I am! Seeso has original series like Bajillion Dollar Properties, content from improv theater the Upright Citizens Brigade, and perennial comedy favorites like SNL, Parks and Rec, and Monty Python.

2. Sling

Why be the one crazy girl, when we can spend time with four? Happy Valentine’s Day, @girlshbo

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Sling is the go-to if you kinda, sorta want to feel like you have cable but don’t actually want the two-year contract and Time Warner (okay, okay Spectrum) on your ass calling you about upgrades every day. Sling basically comes with the channels you get on the treadmill at your gym. And if your gym doesn’t have TV treadmills, then boy is this the service for you!

3. Spuul

Boasting 10,000 hours of Bollywood content, Spuul can give you your fill of Indian entertainment in Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, and more languages!

3. Fandor

Tag your acrophobic valentine ❤️?? #et #valentines

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Fandor is for the serious movie buff in your friend group; the film snob who says things like “spaghetti western” and “neo-noir” knowing full-well you neither know nor care what that means. Fandor’s strong suit is in indies, silent films, classics, foreign films, docs, and shorts. So… does this mean they don’t have the latest Modern Family?

4. Screambox

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Horror fans rejoice. Screambox is “not here to make you feel safe or even comfortable”. They even have the skull emoji in their IG bio. Legit.

5. Viki

I am so about this tweet from Korean drama, Taiwanese drama, Bollywood, Anime streaming service Viki. Fun fact: Viki was the first platform to offer real-time subtitling of videos. Ever wanted to translate Meteor Garden into your secret twin language? *Cluck* *Cluck* *Oof*.

6. Feeln

Brought to you by Hallmark, Feeln showcases content of “romance and togetherness”. We found their birthday ode to the romance king himself particularly fitting.

7. FilmStruck

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I’m not cool enough to know what movie that is, but I’m sure the target demo of FilmStruck does! With this service, you get access to The Criterion Collection (sorry Hulu!), critically-acclaimed classics, and Turner Classic Movie favorites. So this isn’t the service to catch Beauty and a Briefcase starring Hillary Duff? It’s a classic in my book.

8. Crunchyroll

What’s the most popular anime in your favorite state??

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Founded in 2006 (was anyone even ALIVE then?!), Crunchyroll is the quintessential anime streaming service. Not only does the name make your taste buds water, but it boasts an impressive collection of series. Fun fact, yours truly first watched Meteor Garden (the original Taiwanese version thank you very much!) on Crunchyroll back in 2009!

If you could make your own streaming service, what would it be? Let me know on Twitter @AndiHester!

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