8 Feelings You Get When Your Friends Hang Out Without You

We’ve all gone through the painful experience of checking Instagram and finding out all of your friends are hanging out without you. Maybe it’s a birthday party of a friend everyone else knows but you aren’t that close with, or an impromptu shindig that you just weren’t around to snag an invite to. Or maybe your friends excluded you on purpose because they’re sick of your sh*t. Whatever the reason, here are the feelings you’ll have when your friends hang out without you.


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When you first see your friends together without you on Instagram or Snapchat, your brain tries to comprehend what’s going on. Where are they? Who’s there? What the f*ck event is this and why didn’t I hear about it? You become a pathetic private detective, checking everyone’s stories and scanning for clues.


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Maybe they texted me, but my phone is broken. Or maybe they didn’t invite me because they thought I was out of town. They’re probably all hanging out without me because they’re in a class together and they had to go somewhere for a project and they all just got food after. There must be a rational explanation that doesn’t involve people not liking me!


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Am I not that fun to hang out with? Or, worse, am I just not memorable enough? Maybe they didn’t think to invite me because they don’t really think about me at all? Maybe nobody thinks about me. Do I even have friends?


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How dare they not invite me? I am such a good friend. I went to Jamie’s birthday party ON TIME so that she wouldn’t have to be alone. And I hate being on time. Maybe that bitch Megan got to them. I know she hates me. She keeps telling people I stole her crush when IT IS NOT MY FAULT HE LIKES ME. I am fun to hang out with. They are MISSING the F*CK OUT.

Pretending you prefer being at home anyway

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I love being at home! I need to read more. I actually enjoy cleaning my room! I get to listen to whatever music I want to listen to instead of compromising. I get to sleep whenever I want, and I love to sleep. Being at home is amazing! This is how I love spending Saturday nights.

Rethinking all your life choices

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Maybe these aren’t the friends for me anyway. I have cooler, better friends than these jerks. I need a makeover so I can be the kind of person everyone wants to hang out with all the time. I’ll show them all just how goddamn cool I am and then they’ll be asking me to hang out constantly.

Rethinking your rethinking of your life choices

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Sh*t, do I even want to hang out with people all the time? I’d be canceling constantly because I need my damn alone time. Hanging out with other people 24/7 sounds exhausting.


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And eventually… peace. You figure out why your friends hung out without you. This sh*t happens. And I really do need to read more. And not f*cking internet articles. Books, man. Books.

Did I effectively capture how it feels when your friends hang out without you? Anything feelings I missed? Tweet at me and let me know! @erikaheidewald

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