7 TV Shows I Could Have on in the Background 24/7

TV can be profound stuff, but it can also be just kind of whatever — the kind of stuff you put on in the background while you do other things. One must be careful in such a situation, however, since you don’t want anything that will prevent you from doing what you are doing by being TOO compelling. Observe, some shows that are both good enough to have on but not good enough to distract you from your soul-crushing chores!

Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives


Hosted by Guy Fieri, Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives finds America’s premiere porcupine with bleached tips trying foodstuffs ranging from regular ol’ pizza to truly chilling items I won’t even bother describing here. He responds to both by delightedly saying “Killer, dude. Killer.”

Property Brothers

property borhters grab

Another reality show installment that can be absolutely gorged via Netflix, Property Brothers is exactly the same every single week, right down to the moment when the brothers discover the first big problem with the home and when the homeowners are told to stop interfering. Something that’s the exact same every single time is VERY easy to tune out.

That ’70s Show

whip cream on red’s head

Hands down the best show on this list, That ’70s Show benefits from not being super plot-heavy — it has a lot of great jokes, but the laugh-track helps it settle into a rhythm that, once you adjust to it, can be easy to just set aside and not totally focus on while you’re doing other things.

Any Late Night Talk Show

Colbert and letterman high five

Every talk show is just gentle patter, always happening, yet never challenging your senses.


chopped judge head nod

Another classic example of the “every episode is exactly the same” reality TV sub-genre, Chopped seems like it should be very dramatic, but it never is. Since the judges can’t give away if they really hated or loved one particular dish, their criticisms end up being pretty muted and same-y, which means you don’t even get your focus pulled in by some particularly mean judging.

Grey’s Anatomy

just exhausted

Like That 70’s Show, Grey’s Anatomy is actually pretty good (although, in very different ways). And it might actually be really difficult to have this show on in the background initially, because there’s just so much melodrama going on at all times, but once you settle into its hysteria, you’ll have no problems only giving it one fifth of your focus.


just some beers with the buds

When you factor in the pedigree of the network, how many episodes it ran for, and the talent that was behind this thing, I’d wager that Entourage is the dumbest show that’s ever been on television. I’ll fight you on this. But there’s always noise happening on the show (too much silence can sneakily draw your attention away from whatever it was you were trying to do) but the dialogue is never witty or clever. Honestly, this might be THE perfect background static TV show.

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