7 Things You'll Want to Spend Money on Later in Life

If we must embrace this capitalist world of ours, we’ll have to accept that sometimes people spend money on things that makes no sense. But God willing, you won’t be broke forever, and when you finally lay down a little cash, you’ll be able to get the good things. But what areas should you focus on, you ask? Well, here are somethings you should probably be spending more money on…


them slippers

I wore garbage shoes for a long enough period of my life that my arches are now trash. That’s right, I am a sufferer of the medical condition of “trash arches”. While I thought I’d be forced to carry this burden with me for the rest of my life, it actually got a lot better once I started wearing either 1) Shoes that were made for an actual human foot to be in, or, barring that, 2) Putting insoles into my shoes. It’s that easy.

Your Mechanic

trash bear mechanic

TONS of people just pop into Jiffy Lube and get their oil changed, because it’s cheaper and easier. Well guess that? TONS of people are blowing it by not having a regular mechanic who changes their oil. I mean, would you just pull off the road and go to any old medical clinic anytime your body needed some mild work done? No. You want to find a regular family doctor to go to. Mechanics are just car doctors.

A Mattress

jumping on a mattress

Remember what I said about shoes, and how good ones really help maintain your feet? Well think of a mattress as a shoe for your whole body (on second thought, don’t; your friends will all make fun of you). You spend between a quarter and a third of your life sleeping on your mattress, and that means that it’s probably worth shelling out a little extra dough so that time isn’t spent in agony.


drops towel

Your dry, scratchy-ass towels are a nightmare to dry off with, and what other purpose do bath towels even have?!

A Suit

a man struts in a suit

You damned bum, why don’t you go out and get a nice set of clothes for once in your life? And don’t think this is just for the gentlemen — if ladies is pimps, too, then you for sure can also be a raggedy-ass slob.

Pet Food


Doing this may even help you save money down the road, since bad pet food is made up of a lot of garbage and can lead to health problems for your animals. I had a cat when I was in school who essentially developed kidney stones because we were giving him a food that was just junk. We were not thrilled!

Human Food


Hey dewds, treat yourself once in a while. I am well aware that it’s expensive to eat well in this nightmare of a world we’ve made ourselves, but really, it only costs a little more than you were already spending to get some nice food in your belly. Try to get something fresh and well-made — we were not built to live off ramen forever.

Have you, over the years, realized that certain things are just more worth the extra cost to get them right? Please: TELL US YOUR SECRETS on Twitter @Smosh!

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