7 Things People Get Mad at You for Disliking

If there is a thing that exists, there is a group of people who not only dislike it, but potentially even mock it. Some things, though… some things are sacred to people. They don’t like it when you make fun of those things. But hey… life is short! Here’s the stuff that’ll get you yelled at if, for whatever reason, they just aren’t your thing.


My friend wrote an article for a food blog about how she doesn’t like pizza, and she swears it is the most hate mail she has ever received in her life (and she does not shy away from controversy). Even more than bacon, pizza is a the boring food reference of the exceptionally dull. “I love pizza” is far too often mistaken to mean “I have a personality”, and thus many people take “I don’t like pizza” as a direct assault on their personality.

Marvel Movies

I, too, have really enjoyed the way Marvel has created a film empire of very consistent and pleasant movies that still have a lot of that comic book feel. However, some people DON’T like them, and that irritates people to no end. Yeah, Winter Soldier was great, but also, those movies are long and do not have good villains. Why is it so unfair for someone to dislike them?



Do I love dogs? Buddy, I caught one wandering around my yard, took it to the shelter, and am currently trying to find it a home. Yeah, I love dogs. Something I also understand, though, is NOT liking dogs. They stink, they have skin problems, and they f’n drool everywhere. Stop acting like dogs are the one animal everyone on Earth must like (personally, I hate birds).

The Rolling Stones

This isn’t everyone, it’s more like an “old guys who love rock and/or roll” thing, but I’ll tell you this — those guys take their love of the Rolling Stones VERY seriously. Some of them will even get mad at you if you like the Stones less than the Beatles, and at that point you just want to be like “Guys, this music is dead. The fight is over. Kids these days want computers to make their music at them.”

Star Wars

When did nerds go from being afraid of people discovering their interests to thinking their interests were superior to everyone else’s?! Nerds never should’ve gone mainstream, man.


I’m not trying to be one of those “new atheists” about this, but living in my east coast Liberal bubble has really sheltered me from the fact that some people get… real mad when they find out you think we all just rot in the ground at the end of whatever the hell *gestures at the world around him* this is.


Jeff sucks; I don’t care who knows it. Throw all the Molotov cocktails at my home that you want, I refuse to stop telling the world that Jeff is bad.

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