7 Reality TV Shows That Got Cancelled, Like, Immediately

Reality television — often compelling, sometimes disturbing, and occasionally uplifting — has been enthralling us en masse ever since Survivor broke the genre into the mainstream. But what about the reality TV that bombed real hard? Well, I’ve compiled some of those poor lost souls right here, for your entertainment. Check out the reality shows that were canceled basically immediately.

Celebrity Boxing

It’s important to stress that, as is often the case with reality TV, the “celebrity” belongs in quotation marks. It’s one thing to watch desperate, D-grade celebrities debase themselves in a house or the wilderness, but paying them to literally punch each other in the face? That was too much for most viewers.


Fox spent so, so much money on their libertarian wet dream reality show in which a group of people try to build a new civilization while the cameras roll. But there were problems from the start — the group was terrible at growing food, and constantly needed the show’s producers to provide nourishment. The other big problem was that the cast was despicable; maybe the most annoying group of obvious fame-seeking attention-grabbers ever put together by casting. So Fox’s every-single-night dream became an absolute nightmare that was cancelled before the first season even ended.

The Rich List

The Rich List failed because it was just a bunch of people listing as many things as they can from any given category. Tom Cruise Movies, Best Picture Winners, and… well, not very many other categories, because the show got cancelled right after its premiere.

I Wanna Marry “Harry”

A reality show where a bunch of women were told they’d be competing to marry Prince Harry, the twist was that he wasn’t actually Prince Harry (it would be absolute madness for a member of the British royal family to appear on what is essentially The Bachelor). Not only is lying to a bunch of potential romantic partners about who you are incredibly immoral on a fundamental level, it’s also stupid; the contestants figured out pretty quickly that he wasn’t Prince Harry, so the producers essentially gaslit them into believing that, no, they were wrong and it was Prince Harry.

Secret Talents Of The Stars

Once again, “stars” is pretty loose with this one — reality show staple Danny Bonaduce was one of the competitors, for God’s sake. The “secret talents” weren’t even particularly interesting: tap dancing, magic, juggling — who cares? I want to see the secret freakish qualities of the stars. Rick Flair’s four nipples, Mya’s telepathic link with the twin she absorbed in the womb, that kind of stuff.

The Hasselhoffs

A reality show following David Hasselhoff’s family proved to be compelling to almost no one (blame The Osbournes, a show about a famous family that proved to be genuinely compelling and turned out to be the exception and not the rule). A&E must have thought “Hey, ANY family related to a person who has been famous will bring in eyeballs.” Well, they were wrong, and this bad show got the swift, brutal end it deserved.

The Will

Contestants compete in a series of challenges to be inserted into someone’s last will and testament, which would result in them being granted his huge ranch. It is an incredibly ghoulish premise, and if you want to see someone being put into an old rich guy’s will, just watch The Simpsons episode “Burns’ Heir.”

PLEASE NOTE: I couldn’t find really anything relating to this show other than a few small blurbs, so there’s a video of a TV exploding (probably committing suicide, after having been forced to air The Will.

My God, what a grim collection of programs. Which one was the most justifiably yanked off the air? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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