7 of the Weirdest Things to Ever Trend on Twitter

Twitter has had some weird trending topics in it’s life (mainly from Directioners). I think we can all remember a day where we logged onto Twitter and saw something strange trending worldwide, and we just had to find out what was going on to join in on the fun! Whether it be a misspelling or a misunderstanding, funny hashtags are always a good time! Here are some questionable things that somehow trended on Twitter!

Voldemort Is Our Sex Lord

Potterheads from all around the world got together to trend “Voldemort Is Our Sex Lord” just because they could. 2012 was a weird time for us all, and the worldwide trends from that time just helped confirm it! Here’s to you, sexy Voldemort.

Susan Album Party (susanalbumparty)

Susan Boyle’s PR team created a very unfortunate hashtag — instead of #SusanAlbumParty, LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, they got #susanalbumparty trending worldwide. No one wants to go to Sus Anal Bum Party because, well, what fun is that?

Now Thatchers Dead

When Margaret Thatcher died, #NowThatchersDead began to trend. Once again, though, the lack of capitalization was costly, as #nowthatchersdead hit the twitter charts, freaking out Cher fans from all over the world who thought it stood for #NowThatChersDead. Luckily, Cher didn’t die, she was just the victim of an unfortunate hashtag.

Piers Morgan Is Smelly

After Piers Morgan made some One Direction fans angry, the Directioners did what they do best — trend. Having gotten the strangest things trending, like #SongsNiallCanViolentlyMasturbateTo or #WelcomeHomeLiamsSecondKidney, it makes sense that Piers Morgan became a top trending topic because he is, well, smelly.


We’ve had a lot of the “change __ to __” trends on Twitter, but when this became a number one worldwide trending topic, it was hard to ignore. The idea was to change any song with the word “love” in it to the word “lube”. For example, you might see a tweet calling out “Drunk In Lube” by Beyonce.

… Yeah maybe it’s a good thing this trend died down.

Pope Bars

Pope Bars was just a picture of the Pope looking like he’s about to throw down the illest commandment this world’s ever seen, and it obviously went viral. But logging onto Twitter one morning and seeing #PopeBars trending worldwide was definitely a weird moment for us all.

Katy Perry Dressed As A Cheeto For Halloween

Katy Perry went dressed as a Cheeto for Halloween and the full sentence “Katy Perry dressed as a Cheeto for Halloween” trended in the US. Imagine the confusion for people who don’t keep up with Katy Perry news. At least America knew she went as a Cheeto for Halloween! Good ol’ Katy.

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