7 Movie Types That Could Be Due for a Comeback

Sandra Bullock go boom

I’ve seen enough movies to know that certain sub-genres need to make a comeback (and not as TV shows). You’re maybe going “But Will, what do you mean? Like, action movies?” Please, you pathetic plebe, I’m talking about types of movies far more specific than that. OBSERVE!



The cynical days of the ’90s were a long time ago, so Hollywood may finally be ready to return to a time when people would just break out into song and dance, especially with the enormous popularity of Hamilton. I hate musicals, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of them, if for no reason than the fact that they harken back to a more “innocent” time and might help bring down my general anxiety level.


Romantic Comedies Starring A Clumsy Workaholic

Sandra Bullock go boom


We don’t even get that many standard issue romantic comedies anymore, let alone specific types. Also, I think it’s time for the next generation of Katherine Heigls and Sandra Bullocks to show the world that women can have it all, as long as they learn to relax and have fun, the way men do! Yes, who has ever heard of a man being uptight and uncompromising at work? Certainly not this genre of film!


Fairy Tales


Fairy tales used to be turned into great feature films — hell, look at the two golden eras of Disney movies for all the proof you need. Once again, it feels like we’re out of the decades long cynical period of the ’90s and ’00s, and people are ready for a little earnest magic again.


Monster Horror


NOTE: Yeah, I know I used the same .GIF twice; MONSTRO IS A DAMN HORROR MOVIE MONSTER, OKAY?!

Every horror movie these days either features a human serial killer or some sort of stupid-ass ghost or spirit or demon thing. We’re ready for a return to the old days, where you’d spend two thirds of the movie trying to get a good look at the monster, and then the last third being repulsed by its tendrils or goo-covered mandibles. Viewers will always be irrationally scared of the monstrous and supernatural, but serial killers just don’t have the same weight anymore, since most people are aware that they tend to go after people who are much more helpless than your average movie viewer (this is a depressing reality that I won’t probe into any further in this article, don’t worry.)


Journalistic Thriller


Now, maybe the lack of movies about intrepid, principled journalists can be explained by the lack of principled, intrepid journalists (have you watched cable news? Good lord), but things no longer being around hasn’t stopped Hollywood form making movies on those subjects in the past. Jurassic World was an ENORMOUS hit (somehow) and dinosaurs have been dead for at least sixty years. Plus, with bloggers so ever-present, now is the perfect time for these movies to come back, only starring some guy with a wordpress, or a young witch-identifying lady with a Tumblr.


America’s Very Near Descent Into Hell


Back when crime was very high and getting worse, it was popular to make movies about a New York or Los Angeles that had become crime-infested hell-holes. But once the crime rate started going down in the mid-’90s, it seemed ridiculous to keep making them, so they went away. But now that America is so incredibly fractured along partisan lines, however, you know these kinds of movies would at least score high with conservatives who have a “tough on crime” outlook.



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I’m kidding.

Any types of movies you hope make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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Sandra Bullock go boom
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