7 Movie Scenes That Have Totally Ruined Showers for Us

Once again, movies have set unrealistic expectations for us plebeians. Thanks to movies, showers have been totally ruined. Check out the movie scenes that have forever destroyed the way we look at showers.

1. Psycho

Every time I shower, I think about how if someone tried to kill me and I somehow survived, I wouldn’t be able to identify them in a line-up because I wasn’t wearing my contacts. Every. Time. Thanks Psycho.

2. The Shining


Gosh darn Stanley Kubrick for ruining the whole strangers behind shower curtains situation we always find ourselves in.

3. Elf

Have you ever started singing a classic holiday tune, hoping your future soulmate would appear and start singing along? Yeah, me too, but I can tell you that it ain’t gonna happen. Harrumph Will Ferrell.

4. Central Intelligence

I too have always wanted to sing and dance in my school’s shower and turn around to see a group of boys oggling my moves. Has it happened? Ha, fat chance.

5. The Proposal

By now, you’ve guessed it. I’ve never fallen full-frontal onto Ryan Reynolds. Have you? If yes, then Blake Lively, what are you doing reading Smosh articles? Girl I’m so honored, m’gosh!

6. Scary Movie 4

Where’s the helpful hand when you need it? Shaving is SO hard. Movies just love rubbing it in.

7. It

Lastly, I’ve never had the joy of a private clown show during my shower. Why doesn’t cool stuff ever happen to me?!

Okay, so we got a little off track. Truth is, your girl gets scared really easily, even in a crowded cafe at 12:33PM on a perfectly sunny day. Your girl also uses humor to shield herself when things get uncomfortable. Your girl is also totally distracted because one of her comedian crushes is sitting a few tables away. Your girl won’t name names, but he’s been known to frequent a place called Portland(ia). Let us know on Twitter if you’re able to take a shower without comparing your life to a movie. As always, I’m @AndiHester!

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