7 Halloween Costumes That Are Never a Good Idea

Halloween costumes can be a tricky ordeal — some of them can verge on the line of being too clever, while others can be… well… a little distasteful. Of course, some costumes can be A LOT distasteful, and those are the ones I’d like to spotlight right now…

Heath Ledger Joker


It’s been almost a decade since The Dark Knight came out and, yes, I understand that Heath Ledger gave a great performance, but it’s time to let it go. I mean, The Office had a Halloween episode where Dwight wore this costume; that probably means a Heath Ledger Joker costume is now only for world class douches.

Instagram Picture

instagram 666 likes

We’ve all seen the hilarious photos of this one — someone walks around with their face in a big cardboard Instagram photo frame. And while it’s very funny when you see it in Facebook photos of the party the next day, what you don’t see is the walking Insta lugging it around all night. That is incredibly annoying for them, but also for the people constantly being bumped by their huge-ass Instagram photo costume.

Your Friend

twins dressed the same

We used to do this in high school — just wear your friend’s clothes and go “I’m dressed as Ben, ha ha. Great costume, right?” However, unless your friend is a celebrity known for dressing in an incredibly specific way, no one cares. Honestly, a better costume would be “guy who didn’t wear a costume”.

A Naked Person


This country has laws about public nudity, you cheap a-hole.

Anything That Cost More Than Like 100 Bucks


Not to be that guy, but people are starving, homeless, living in war-torn countries, desperate to be in a better situation, and here you are dropping like a hundred bucks on a costume you’ll wear for one night of your entire life. You’ll probably end up throwing up on it, as well. Plus, it means you take Halloween so so SO seriously, and those people are never chill.

Anything With Blackface


Noooooooooooope. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no absolutely not no no no no.

Dead Celebrity (Doesn’t Matter Who)


Let them rest in peace, man. And you get a bonus thumbs down if you’re dressed as a recently deceased celebrity along with some zombie makeup, so you’ve combined something very distasteful with something boring and played out.

What unacceptable Halloween costumes have you seen? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

Will Weldon
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