6 Thoughts Everyone Has While Exercising

Exercise and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship throughout my life — sometimes we’re really going steady, and sometimes I have a hard time feeling the love. But I want to be a healthy person and live a long life and all that good sh*t, so I do it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some less-than-positive thoughts about it (okay, and some positive thoughts too). Here are six thoughts everyone has in the process of exercising.

1. “Sh*t, is it gym day?”

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Dread sets in — “Sh*t… is today gym day? Wasn’t I just there? Crap. I don’t want to go to the gym AGAIN. Can’t I just lay on the couch and watch Netflix? Why am I so cruel, making myself do crazy sh*t like this?!”

2. “I can do this!”

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Right when you put your workout clothes on and get to the gym, you feel a surge of positivity. You feel like a healthier person already! Look at you with those exercise pants on. You’re energized. You’re taking over this gym. I can see your abs already!

3. “This isn’t so hard!”

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You get started and it really feels like exercising isn’t as bad as you thought. You’re in such good shape! Look at you, moving those appendages. Breathing a little harder but not throwing up on yourself. Good for you!

4. “Actually, this sucks”

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The truth starts to set in: actually, exercising is hard. And you’re just at the beginning — there’s an hour left of this sh*t. It’s going to be SO LONG until you can sit on your couch and watch TV. Who needs abs anyway? You already have abs, you just can’t see them.

5. “I am dying!”

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There comes a point during a hard workout where you’re pretty sure you’re going to die. I usually experience this sensation while running. Jesus lord I hate running.

6. “I will never die!

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After the workout comes elation. You’re so goddamn healthy! Good for you! You worked out! You have endorphins rushing through your brain, making you forget how miserable you just were. In fact, you feel so good, you promise to do it again tomorrow, and the whole cycle starts over.

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