6 Things That Baffle Us About Ferrero Rocher

ferro rancher

Ferrero Rocher are the odd gold-wrapped candy that are the perfect holiday gift for that special someone you don’t really know — think teachers, coworkers, and great aunts. (Sorry Aunt V, you live so far and I don’t like talking on the phone, but if you follow me on Instagram we can bond over memes!) But despite their ubiquity, Ferrero Rochers are full of mystery. Here are six things that baffle us about these little bites of heaven.

1. How the heck do you say it?


Fur-arrow Rosh-urr? For the first two decades of my life, I’d refer to Ferrero Rocher as “that frarara whatever chocolate”. And everyone understood. Here’s the correct pronunciation in case you care (I don’t):

2. What the heck is in it?

Unless you have superhuman restraint, you probably eat your Ferrero whole, leaving the question of its magical innards a pleasant mystery. There’s something crunchy, there’s something smooth, and then it’s gone. Well, now you have to eat another one to find out. Or look at this layer-by-layer giphy:

Or listen to hot commercial girl explain it:

3. It’s made by the people who do Nutella?! Wait, WHAT THE HECK?!

Mind blown. And yet we should’ve known. And yet we didn’t. And yet now we’re like “Ooh that makes sense”. On the label, you’ll see “Ferrero” just sitting there like your Algebra professor when the class gets too rowdy and he passive-aggressively says, “I’ll wait”.

4. Where the heck is it from?

Ferrero Rocher definitely comes from some fancy European land, that much we do know. Americans couldn’t make something with this much unnecessary pizzaz. We have the Hershey kiss, which only gets as crazy as a red and green tinfoil change for Christmas. (PS: in case you wanted the answer to the original question, FR’s are made in Alba, Italy.)

5. Why the heck is it so delicious?

Here’s the answer according to a random guy on Quora:


6. What the heck does Ferrero Rocher mean?

The answer’s not in that commercial, but it’s so over-the-top that I had to put it in. “Ferrero” is the last name of the treat’s inventor. “Rocher” means rock or boulder in French. Somewhere in a Willy Wonka-like heaven, Pietro Ferrero is giggling that people are eating his little brown boulders.

Do you feel a little less baffled by Ferrero Rocher? Let us know on Twitter @AndiHester!

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