6 Things Every Girl Who Doesn't Really Care About Makeup Can Relate To

Contrary to your Instagram feed, not every girl is a makeup artist (#MUA!). Some of us are just bopping along with our Wet n’ Wild eyeliner and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara because we started using it in middle school. If we’re feeling crazy, we might attempt to define our brows with eyeshadow. With all the bb creams, contour dreams, and overall cakeface scenes being shoved down our throats, it’s hard to buck the trend and NOT be obsessed with makeup. So this is for you, girls who don’t really care about makeup!

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Bathroom Wall


You do your makeup in the dim yellow light of your bathroom using a floss-fleck-filled mirror. Under these conditions, you look pretty damn good. You’re grooving and moving at a party, popping into pictures left and right, then the next day you see the horrible, fluorescent-lit truth.

2. Drugstore versus Sephora

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After watching your favorite Youtuber swear by her favorite $58 Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, you get your butt over to Sephora and drop $200. Because the woman helping you said you absolutely must buy the $36 Smashbox primer and oh-ma-gosh you don’t moisturize everyday? Well, here take this Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer for $27. You buy it, hesitantly use it, then return it a week later because you could buy enough Covergirl eyeshadow to last your whole life with that amount of money!

3. Don’t Cry for Me Maybellina


Your fake-eyelashes-are-part-of-my-everyday-makeup-routine friend cries because her FAVORITE Mac lip color is discontinued. You apply some ChapStick (or EOS if you’re feeling like a fancy bitch that day) and convince yourself that chipped nail polish is “look”.

4. Meowth That’s Wrong


You decide it’s time to learn how to do a proper cat eye. It could be your new makeup thing. Like Audrey Hepburn. Classic. That’s you. You watch the first three minutes where the beauty vlogger describes how a good cat eye changed her life, then you spend three hours watching cat-in-sink videos.

5. Brush Brush Hooray

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The brush craze makes no sense to you. Whatever happened to the good ol’ finger trick where you’d use one finger for each color of eyeshadow you “blended”? You also think that those oval brushes look more like your grand aunt’s fancy spoon collection that you’ll totally inherit. Score!

6. Progress!


You used to feel bad when you saw a guy who could do makeup better than you. BUT NOW, you see that as society moving in the right direction. Heck yeah, guy! You work that flawless cut-crease! I’m gonna be over here wondering if I could use a ballpoint pen for eyeliner.

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you have to be super into makeup. Those thirty minutes a day you save by not doing makeup are better spent sleeping. You’ll probably even end up looking younger than those sleep-deprived MUAs! You could also exercise or read a book in that time. Hm, interesting. Bettering oneself… Nah, sleep. Let us know on Twitter @AndiHester how much you don’t care about makeup!

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