6 Things Every Basic Kid Wore in 2010

2010 was the year of Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber hitting puberty, and Taylor Swift dating both John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal (G’damn!). It was also the year of some very interesting style choices for the most basic among us. Here are the six things every basic kid wore in 2010!

Silly Bandz

Where did they come from? Where did they go? Like a mystical unicorn, Silly Bandz seemingly dropped from the heavens into every CVS Pharmacy, becoming a staple for the fashion-minded basic.

American Apparel Hoodie

american apparel Justin Bieber

The side-swept bangs, tight jeans, and AA hoodie — man, those were simpler times for our boy Biebs and the basics of 2010. With the assortment of colors, one could have a hoodie for every occasion… or they just wear the same one every day. They were that cool.

Hollister Jeans

Hollister Jeans

They were tight. They were low. They had a little maroon seagull on them. And they meant you were cool (but in like a follow-the-herd, cliche way).

Hipster Glasses

Lenses or not, these glasses served no real purpose besides securing your spot as a basic within your friend group.

Animal Onesies

Onesies were made for the basic in all of us. We wore them on Pajama Day, Halloween, Columbus Day — any day was a onesie day!

Hair Feathers

hair feather

If you didn’t have a feather clipped in your hair, what the hell were you doing with your life? It was boho chic with a touch of edge. But really, it was just basic as basic comes.

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