6 of the Worst Places To Get Acne (While Remaining SFW)

When you look at it objectively, who cares if somebody has some zits on their face? Almost all of us get acne, and it seems like we’re only really concerned about it is because someone decided that they could sell us a product if they convinced us that acne was bad. That said, chronic acne can be painful, and it can scar your face up, so pimples do have some practical issues. That’s why we’re going to highlight some of the worst possible spots to get acne, and because it can be very gross, I will be posting pictures of things that I find to be quite pleasant to balance things out. Speaking of which, here’s some Steven Universe fun. Anyhow, onto the bad zit spots!

Next To My Nostril

choo choo herky jerky dancer

Come on man, we also breathe out of those things! Because of that, our noses are always moving, and the skin on that part of our face is so tight that acne just absolutely hurts like hell. Plus, it’s kind of tucked away in there, so it’s like a horrible little surprise to anyone who gets real close.

In Your Hairline

dummy scares children

If you’re interested in covering up a zit that exists along your hairline, your only real option is to comb your hair down in front of it. But then you have your awful greasy bangs all over your forehead, and that can be just as unpleasant. On top of that, there’s also a good chance you comb or brush your hair, which means you’re constantly poking the horrible little nodule with the bristles, and that is both very painful and a terrible way to let a zit heal.

On Your Hip

big gulps huh

What the hell is this stupid garbage? My hip?! I know I have pores all over my skin, but come on! That’s where the damn waist band on my underwear rests. What am I going to do, walk around in no underwear? Jeans only? Like some sort of sick denim fetishist?!

In Your Eyebrow

is jack a afarmer

um what. As someone with absurdly bushy eyebrows, I am constantly running my fingers over them in an attempt to smush them down as much as possible. And I’ve gotten enough eyebrow pimples that I should know by now why this action is suddenly so painful. But no, I remain confused about it until it happens for the tenth time, and then I think “Oh yeah, right.”

On Your Lip

chris bosh appears

This spot is actually super cool, because why would you want people to look you in the eyes while you’re talking to each other when you can just have them gave into the giant, infected pore directly above the thing you talk out of? Very cool and fun, A+. Also, once it starts healing, it’s great that you’re going to be shoving lots of greasy food and stuff into that area to get it really good and infected.

On Your Brain

the thing’s tongue flipping around

I am not someone who copes with bad news very well, so I imagine I would be walking around weeks after my diagnosis of having a brain tumor telling people “Haha, just have a little zit ON MY BRAIN!” Then I would throw a water fountain through a window, and flee to the streets.

Where is the worst place you’ve gotten a pimple? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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