6 College Majors That Guarantee You'll Always Have a Job

Some people want to go to college to expand their worldview, become more creative, and learn who they are. Some people just want to party. But yet another group of people want to set themselves up for a lifetime of success with a stable job and steady income. If you’re the practical type, you want to major in something that guarantees you’ll be fielding job offers before you even graduate. Here are six majors that mean you’ll always have a job.

1) Nursing

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Pretty much every hospital is always looking for more nurses. While nursing is a tough degree to get, it means that at a young age you’ll have marketable skills that you can apply anywhere in the country. By 2017, California will need 30,000 nurses. Nurses make about $25 an hour, or up to $60 depending on their specialty. Florida, New York, Ohio, and North Carolina make up the rest of the top five states in need of nurses — and maybe your future home?

2) Medicine

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Becoming a doctor is f*cking hard but everybody needs one so there are always available jobs=. The states with the worst physician shortages right now are Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Alabama, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Georgia. If you want to get out of the US, you could even join Doctors Without Borders and help people around the world. And don’t forget, doctors freaking save lives which is awesome. That could be you!

3) Accounting

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Every corporation in the world needs accountants. Accounting majors can enter into dozens of different accounting-related jobs and work as financial analysts, personal financial advisors, forensic accountants, budget analysts, auditors, tax accountants, and more. If you like numbers and want a stable job good for raising a family, accounting could be your ticket.

4) Engineering

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Biomedical engineers earn an average starting salary of $53,800, according to Forbes. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 61.7% growth of biomedical engineering job opportunities. Software engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, and petroleum engineering majors also enter the job market with some of the highest salaries of any majors. There are so many jobs and so few qualified employees that engineering majors have companies fight over them instead of fighting for a job.

5) Computer science

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If you can build networks, design software, and help out as IT support, you will never have a hard time finding employment. Everyone needs computers, but most people are total idiots when it comes to anything harder than turning the computer off and turning it back on.

6) Mathematics

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The main employer of math majors in the US is the government, specifically in the national security field. Since our nation probably won’t be needing less security any time soon, this is a reliable field for math lovers.

7, 8, 9) Political Science, International Studies, and World Languages

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Just kidding. That’s what I majored in and I’ve literally never worked in a field related to what I studied. But writing capstone papers sure is fun!

Are you in college or planning to go soon? Think you’ll major in something practical? Anything I should have put on this list? Tweet me @erikaheidewald!

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