5 Worst Presidents in Pop Culture

I’m writing this a day before election day, and if by the time you’re reading this we’ve elected an actual supervillain, just remember that if these fictional universes survived with such truly awful presidents, we will too. (Of course, at least two of these worlds ended in annihilation, but just ignore them, for the sake of your own sanity.) Here are the all-time worst presidents in pop culture history!

Futurama’s Richard Nixon

Portrayed as an aggressive, conniving, body-less madman, Richard Nixon served as one of Futurama’s main antagonists all throughout the show, stealing Bender’s body to starting needless wars. And, see, it’s a parody, because the real Nixon only did one of those things.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor became president in DC Comics, and the threat of his election was a constant in the JLU cartoon (what you’re seeing above is the alternate universe the Justice League is terrified their world will become). In the comics, Luthor ends up getting a power suit and trying to frame Superman and Batman for murder, leading to him being impeached. And even though he is an actual inhuman monster, you have to give President Luthor this — the guy gets things done, unlike the rest of those dummies in Washington.

The Simpsons Movie‘s President Schwarzenegger

The Simpsons Movie was released during the waning days of the Bush years, and this Schwarzenegger is absurdly dumb so as to serve as a parody of the 43rd president. My real question, though, is this — where’s Rainer Wolfcastle during all this? Is he aware he’s a parody who lives in the same universe as the guy who inspired him?

Idiocracy’s President Camancho

Pro-wrestler turned political maniac President Camancho, expertly played by Terry Crews, chucks his last hope of salvation into a death pit for the entertainment of his people. Mike Judge was going to shoot ads lampooning Trump using President Camancho, but unfortunately, the rights were all tied up. Sorry President Camancho! I still salute you when you come on screen!

Watchmen‘s Richard Nixon

nixon president watchmen

Watchmen’s Nixon is a bleaker figure than Futurama’s — he is a man who made himself president for life, murdered Woodward and Bernstein, and is cavalier about the incoming nuclear threat. Sorry Nixon, you shouldn’t have committed all those crimes if you didn’t want to be mocked in Watchmen, which is, to this day, considered to be the worst fate to befall an American president.

Any presidents on this list that you would’ve voted for? Let me know at @AlexFirer!

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