5 Video Games That Were Promised But Never Happened

Does anyone else get as frustrated as I do with the fact that video game trailers come out WAY before the games themselves? I feel like every year after E3, I’m super jazzed about some awesome game, but when I check the actual release date, it turns out it’s going to be released shortly after humans colonize Mars. Don’t get me wrong, companies should take their time to create the best product they can, but maybe don’t tell me about it so early? Especially since things so often go wrong, leading to the game I was so desperate to play never coming out. What cruel fate is that? Here’s a look back at the ghosts of video game that never were to be, while we all cross our fingers that The Last Guardian isn’t just a mirage perpetually in the distance.

StarCraft: Ghost

game gone ghost

Big budget games sometimes get caught up in production nightmares and end up on “indefinite hold”, even as new consoles come out and create even more development problems. This was the fate of StarCraft: Ghost, which was under development by Blizzard Entertainment for over 12 years before it was officially cancelled. People might want to hold up Duke Nukem Forever as an example of a game that we were promised and years later eventually given (although too little too late) but more often than not, games that are pushed back indefinitely are never released. We knew a lot about StarCraft: Ghost, set to be a stealth third-person shooter game that would dive deeper the world of StarCraft, and it’s too bad the game never came out — it would have been a counterpoint to what became World of Warcraft. Ironically, it was that MMO’s success, as well as the development of StarCraft II, that ate up Blizzard’s time and resources, leading to Ghost getting shelved.

Batman By Gaslight

Rumors that Batman By Gaslight might be a follow-up to the wildly entertaining and successful Batman: Arkham City back in 2012 led me to actually go out and buy the “Batman By Gaslight” comic. Set in Victorian-era Gotham with Batman chasing down Jack the Ripper, this Elseworlds story follows a steampunk Batman in the foggy world of yesteryear. Tragically, the game was canned and we ended up with the disappointing Arkham Origins instead. But I would highly recommend reading the “Batman By Gaslight” comic book — it’s short and sweet and will definitely make you pine for what could have been.


game gone agent

You might still be holding out hope that Agent will eventually materialize (if you even knew that it was gonna be a thing that is), and hey, it still might. This Rockstar North game hasn’t officially been cancelled, but the latest updates on it aren’t promising. All the way back in 2007, Sony announced Rockstar was working on a Playstation 3-exclusive Cold War-era espionage game set in the late 1970s. All we ever saw of the game were a handful of images that made it look a lot like GTA, but set in exotic and vaguely James Bond-ish locations. The game was thought to be dead in 2009, but then Take-Two registered more trademarks related to the title in 2013. The latest word on it is that it could be a PS4 exclusive, but it’s more likely the game will never see the light of day, with a lot of its art team reassigned to GTA V.

Star Wars 1313

Oh man, did you just watch that trailer? Are you crazy insane excited for this game? Yeah?! Well, it’s never gonna happen. Welcome to hell asshole! Star Wars 1313 would’ve revolved around a young Boba Fett in the Coruscant underground, focusing more on bounty hunter-style fighting then lightsabers and The Force. (We’re basically talking GTA: Coruscant here.) Unfortunately, when the Walt Disney Company bought literally everything Star Wars, they ceased all internal development on 1313. Luckily, someone over at Disney has said they aren’t just burning all the 1313 art in a dumpster, but who knows if that means it’ll ever be a real thing you can play.

Silent Hills

For anyone who played PT on the Playstation Network, let me start off by saying “I am so sorry” (and not just because I’m sure you pooped your pants at least once while playing it). PT was easily one of the scariest games ever made, but it gave us a glimpse of what could have been and will never now be. They say it’s better to have loved and lost, but playing PT and then never getting the collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro it promised is a devastating emotional loss. Gamers eventually found out the mysterious PT stood for “Playable Teaser” for the upcoming 9th installment of the Silent Hill franchise, set to star Norman Reedus in terrifying circumstances. While the game has been officially scrapped, Kojima Production revealed Death Stranding at E3 this year, an equally mysterious- and spooky-looking teaser also starring Norman Reedus. I’m extremely excited to play it when it comes out, cause it is like that old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Nah, you wouldn’t do that to me, would you, Kojima? You seem like a nice guy. I’m going to set my heart on playing this game in, say, the next 3 months… and if I don’t… well then… I guess I’ll just die and come back to haunt Norman Reedus.” I believe that is word-for-word the old saying they have in Texas and also possibly Tennessee.

Any other games you were promised by the video game Gods, only to learn that they had forsaken you? Tell me that tale on Twitter @Smosh, you weary traveler.

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