5 Vacation Horror Stories That'll Make You Happy to Stay Home This Summer

It’s summer! Which means those lucky bastards who have lots of disposable income are going to be taking awesome vacations for the next two months. Even if you’re not in that category this summer and your free days are going to be spent binge-watching Netflix and playing video games, these vacation horror stories might make you feel a little more content during those stay-at-home days…

Drinking in Indonesia Horror

worst summer vacation

While vacationing in Indonesia with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Cheznye Emmons had to be rushed out of the jungle when she fell horribly ill and was unable to see. She was put into an induced coma after being rushed to a local hospital. It was revealed that Emmons, her boyfriend, and a friend had purchased a bottle of alcohol from a local shop with a label reading “Gin”, but the gin had actually been removed from the bottle and replaced with the cheaper home-brewed substance methanol, which can cause seizures, kidney failure, blindness, and death. Five days after the incident, Emmons’ parents had to make the tragic decision to turn off her life support. The store was investigated and shut down. Moral of the story: Be careful what you drink in Indonesia. :/

Parasailing Horror

Two 17-year-old teens from Indiana named Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good were seriously injured while parasailing during their vacation to Florida. Wind speeds had been increasing due to an incoming storm, so the operator of the boat made an attempt to bring the girls down, but the rope snapped, leaving the girls and their parasail completely at the mercy of the storm. Horrified witnesses watched them scream as they slammed into a balcony, hit nearby power lines, and finally crashed into a parking lot, landing on a windshield and shattering it. Sidney Good suffered brain trauma and cracked vertebrae and will suffer long-term health issues including vision problems from the accident, while Alexis Fairchild had a broken back, head trauma, and serious lacerations.

Ear “Infection” Horror

worst summer vacation

In 2013, Rochelle Harris was on a flight back to Britain after a holiday in Peru when she got an excruciating headache and stabbing pains in her face. To make matters worse, a discharge began leaking from her ear and she started hearing strange scratching noises. After getting home and seeing her doctor, Harris was initially diagnosed with an ear infection, but upon further inspection doctors found eight large maggots inside her ear canal. She had walked through swarm of flies while hiking on her vacation and felt one buzzing around her ear, but once she waved the fly away, she felt fine. Unfortunately the fly was a “new world screw-worm fly”, which tend to lay their larvae in the wounds of warm-blooded animals. The larvae had hatched 24 hours after being placed in her ear, and the maggots had chewed a half inch hole in Harris’s ear canal. Amazingly, the ordeal didn’t cause any permanent damage to Harris’s ear or body. (But still, EW.)

Bungee Jump Horror

worst summer vacation

A 22-year-old Australian woman named Erin Langworthy was bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge while visiting Zambia when the cord snapped and she plunged 364 feet into the crocodile-infested Zambesi River below. She was swept down the swollen river, with her feet still bound together by 30 feet of rope. She spent 40 minutes in the water, until she was able to grab onto some rocks and an employee of the bungee company pulled her onto the river bank. She got to the hospital 5 hours later, and though her lungs were partially collapsed and her body was covered in bruises, Langworthy miraculously didn’t suffer any serious injuries and returned home two weeks later.

Cancer Diagnosis Horror

worst summer vacation

A 17-year-old named Bruce Bush was on vacation in Hawaii with his family, but unfortunately the teen had felt very ill for the majority of the vacation. His parents took him to the Waikiki hospital three days before they were scheduled to return home, and there he was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors wanted to admit him right away and start treating him, but his parents didn’t feel right about the diagnosis and declined treatment, and deciding to wait out the rest of the vacation and get a second opinion by their doctor in Indiana. Their parental instinct turned out to be spot-on, because the cancer diagnosis was a complete mistake — Bush had a much more treatable disease called mononucleosis.

Which of these stories is the most nightmare-worthy? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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worst summer vacation
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