5 Small Things That Happen To Your Body That Are Actually the Worst

Drought, famine, a dust thing in your eye that you can’t see but you know is there — these are what make life the endless struggle it is. Here we list the six most horrible small things that are truly the worst. They may not be big, but they are really frickin’ annoying!

That Rough Edge on Your Nail

You know that little edge that came off and until you go home to clip it will drive you nuts? You can’t help but touch it all day long, reminding yourself that your existence is nothing but a constant stream of misery.

Seed Stuck in Your Teeth

sesame seed meme

The meme says it all (except how life on Earth forces humans to endure nothing but pain, struggle, and devastation).

Sock Goes Under Your Foot


Minus the onion, this happens to us EVERY DAMN DAY. We’re all just walking around with socks scrunched under our arch like a bunch of pitiful fools! (Also wtf is with that onion?)

Bug Bite On Your Butt

What sick, twisted person decided it was “gross” to scratch your butt in public? WE NEED TO SCRATCH OUR BUTT IN PUBLIC.

Sniffles With No Tissue

Here’s a cruel joke — you’re sniffly with no tissue at hand. When this has happened to us in the past, we’ve used toilet paper, a paper towel, straight up 8.5 by 11 printer paper… we are SO ashamed to admit it!

Tell us your worst small thing (maybe it was that awkward phrasing?) on Twitter @AndiHester!

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