5 Ridiculous Services Created for Filthy Rich People Only

If you have more disposable income than you know what to do with, these services designed specifically for the filthy rich are for you! (If you don’t even know the meaning of “disposable income”, don’t worry/ These are ridiculous and stupid and completely unnecessary, so you won’t feel too bad reading ahead.)

A Company That Guarantees a Rain-Free Wedding

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Luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels offers a “perfect wedding day” package in which they promise to control the weather—well, they can stop it from being cloudy/raining—for just $100,000! How it works: The hire meteorologists and pilots to fly aircraft above the clouds and “seed” them with silver iodide, which causes rain clouds to burst and disappear. (Too bad they can’t guarantee a “perfect marriage” package though, amiright?!)

A Woman Who Packs Rich Kids’ Summer Camp Bags

Professional organizer (yes, that’s apparently a job) Barbara Reich offers many services for the ridiculously wealthy, including packing rich kids’ summer camp bags. She’s had requests from up to 10 families a summer to do this, and she charges $250/hour, which comes to about $1,000 per completely packed and organized bag.

A Company That Will Put a Sun Roof In a Private Jet

If you want everyone to have the “window seat” on your private jet, it’s as easy as having a sunroof installed! Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer came up with the “Airship Kyoto” sunroof design, which customers can purchase for their private jets for $53 million. The windows bring extra weight and can affect fuel efficiency, but if you’re a person who’s willing to spend $53 million for a few extra windows,that’s probably not a problem.

The Most Expensive Dining Service in the World

filthy rich services

Singapore is host to the world’s most expensive dining experience, where for the price of $2 million, a couple can enjoy an eight-hour dining event that starts with a 45-minute helicopter ride over the city, followed by a drive in a chauffeured Rolls-Royce and ending with a private luxury cruise — and that’s just the appetizer! The dinner takes place at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where the guests have a 360-degree view of Singapore and 10,000 fresh roses surrounding them as a live band plays throughout their 18-course dinner. The menu includes oysters with champagne foam, air-flown Alaskan wild salmon, and apple-wood grilled Mishima sirloin steak, all paired with some of the world’s most expensive wines. As a parting gift, the couple receives personalized engraved diamond-studded chopsticks as well as custom-made designer armchairs.

The Nail Company That Does Actual Diamond Manicures

filthy rich services

Do you wish your nails said “I don’t know the meaning of a good investment”? Then you need an Iced Manicure from nail company Cherish, who will adorn your hands with 10 karats of diamonds for just $51,000! If that’s slightly out of your budget, go ahead and get a (tackier) 9 karat one for only $32,000 from Urban Retreat in London.

Which of these filthy rich services would you want if you could afford it? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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