5 Harry Potter Characters We Don't Need Young Versions Of

Well, now that we know Jude Law will be playing a young(ish) Albus Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2, it’s time to worry about what other “young” versions of Harry Potter characters we’ll see. Like, for the love of God, expand your universe so it can sustain itself on its own. Anyway, here are the characters I do NOT want to see show up in the “expanded” Potter universe:

Young Relatives of Ron, Hermione, or Harry


Please God, may we just let these characters exist in their eight movies; if this universe is going to support stories outside of the Potter crew/ Voldemort crew conflict, we can’t be bringing back even their peripheral family members.

Young Anything Voldemort-Related


See above; please, no more G’d tales directly related to the central conflict of the original books.

Young Hogwarts Ghosts


Maybe I’m the crazy one here, but I largely hate the Hogwarts ghosts. Moaning Myrtle is maybe my most hated character in any book ever. And don’t get cute on us by throwing one or two in as “easter eggs”. I’ll know, filmmakers. I’ll know.

Young McGonagall


She seems like she’d be one of those characters who would suffer from Darth Vader syndrome — you learn too much about her past, suddenly she doesn’t seem like such a terrifying hard-ass anymore.

Young Ollivander


Again, this would end up being some sort of corny-ass cameo, where they’d run into Ollivander and he said something dumb like “I’m trying to learn how to make wands, but everyone tells me I’ll never be good enough! Oh well, maybe one day…” and everyone in the theater would turn to the person next to them and go “Ooh, he DOES learn how to make wands.”

I’m unpleasant.

Will Weldon
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