5 Actors Who Were Seriously Injured Doing Their Own Stunts

As many filmmakers have found out, the movie biz isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes acting can be dangerous, especially when an actor opts to do their own stunts. The following stars did just that, and the consequences were nearly fatal. Here are the celebrities who were seriously injured doing their own stunts!

Isla Fisher


While magicians are known for death-defying escapes, Isla Fisher’s lack of magical powers almost got her killed while filming Now You See Me. During a scene in which she was supposed to escape from chains while completely submerged in water, Fisher legitimately became tangled and nearly drowned, unable to reach a safety button in the tank. Signaling her distress to the film crew didn’t do much to save her, as they just thought she was acting. Fortunately, she managed to free herself after without any crew intervention.

George Clooney


While filming a torture scene for Syriana in 2005, George Clooney was knocked off a chair and got a serious head injury. He experienced severe pain from the fall, but doctors couldn’t figure out why. Finally, the neurologist brother of Lisa Kudrow (yes, Phoebe from Friends) discovered that Clooney was leaking spinal fluid — basically, his brain was just bopping around in his skull the whole time. Fun! Clooney would make a full recovery once he was properly diagnosed, but he did admit that before he was treated he contemplated suicide because of the pain. Yikes!

Viggo Mortensen


The set of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers put many actors in harm’s way, as dozens of cast and crew injuries were reported. Viggo Mortensen, though, was the most injured of them all. Not content to just chip a tooth during a sword-fighting sequence and breaking a couple of toes after kicking a helmet, Mortensen almost drowned after being swept away by a current. Luckily, Mortensen is as much of a badass as his character, Aragorn, and survived it all.

Tom Hanks


Not only did Tom Hanks gain and lose 50 pounds to transition from a chubby FedEx guy to a starving island survivor for his role in Cast Away, her also suffered a cut on his leg that reportedly swelled for a couple of weeks. Though he thought it was a normal cut that would heal on its own, Hanks was eventually taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a life-threatening staph infection. Ahhhhh! We almost lost a National Treasure!

Sylvester Stallone


It’s not surprising Sylvester Stallone is on this list, considering all of his Rocky punches are completely real. The most serious injury he sustained while filming those movies, though, happened while Stallone sparred with Dolph Lundgren (AKA “The crazy Russian guy) for Rocky IV. Stallone was hit so hard at one point that his heart swelled, sending him to the hospital. He was also severely injured on the set of two of the Expendables movies, which required multiple surgeries. Stallone would also break more than one rib while shooting Rambo, but that’s just the sort of thing Rambo would have shaken off, so it doesn’t really count…

Which of these on-set injuries do you think sounds the scariest/most painful?

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