5 '80s Movies That Deserve (Nay, DEMAND!) Reboots

Hollywood is all about reboots these days, with everything from Ghostbusters to The Goonies getting either “modernized” or a terrible sequel. And while this is a terrible thing to do to certain ’80s classics, such as Back to the Future (so help me god if they touch my Marty McFly…), there are some ’80s movies that would actually have awesome reboots. Check out our top pics for movies that deserve modern makeovers…

Note: There are spoilers ahead, but you’ve had years, YEARS, to see these movies, so you only have yourself to blame if this ruins any of these movies for you.



Most kids are at least aware of the board game Clue (I hope), but few know that it was turned into an amazing dark comedy in the ’80s. Tim Curry is really the only person who could ever play the Butler, but the rest of the cast could be updated with some of comedy’s finest actors — can you imagine Louis C.K. as Colonel Mustard?! Or how about Kevin Hart as Professor Plum? HOLLYWOOD GET ON THIS NOW!!

Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink needs a reboot because it’s ending does not hold up — Blane and Andie couldn’t be more wrong for each other. And that’s not because of their social status, mind you, but because they literally have nothing in common except charming awkwardness. Pretty in Pink needs to be remade with Adam Driver as Duckie, and he needs to end up with Andie at the end. (But ONLY if they make Andie be less of a bitch to him. Like, wayyyyy less of a bitch.)



This is one of those dark comedies that is still relevant to what’s going on in high school today. Heathers + cyber-bullying = this movie reboots itself.



Big doesn’t need a reboot because it’s perfect just the way it is, but they COULD have Tom Hanks’ character played by a little girl this time. At that point, though, it would literally be a horror film, thanks to the mirror relationship the 13-year-old girl version would form with a 30-something-year-old man. EWWWW, AHHHHHH, WAIT BIG WAS ACTUALLY SO MESSED UP!

Risky Business


I just want to see Adam Devine play the Tom Cruise role and slide around in his underwear and have an affair with a prostitute while still in high school. That just seems like something he would be down to do, and do well.

What ’80s movie do you want to see remade or get some kind of sequel?

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