32 Best Smart Home Devices in 2019 [Buying Guide]

It’s time to upgrade your house to a smart home. In 2019 it’s easier than ever to install and program smart lighting, smart speakers, security cameras, video doorbells, smart thermostats, vacuum cleaners, and so much more that’ll make your life better than you could even imagine. As long as you buy the best smart devices from trusted brands, your home will be smart home capable in less than a day – that’s why we’ve curated this list of only the most recommended and best selling smart devices available today. As smart home geeks, we’ve personally tested all of the products on this list and strongly recommend each and every one of them.

<br><br><b>Smart Home Basics You’ll Need to Know</b><br>
The foundation of any good smart home is a strong internet connection and a high quality internet router to handle all of your new smart devices that’ll be on your network.<br><br>

The goal of smart home devices is to add automation to your everyday home life. Lights that turn on when you wake up, a thermostat that adjusts based on whether anyone is home or not, security cameras that notify you when they detect a person – these are all examples of conveniences you’ll have a hard time living without once you have it.

<br><br>You should always go with trusted name brand smart home devices. Knockoff brands are cheaper – but they sacrifice massively on intuitiveness, privacy, and reliability. If you want to upgrade and convert your place into a smart home, you should not skimp on these trusted brands.

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