2nd Generation Boosted Board, An Upgraded Version of the Popular Electric Skateboard

Boosted Board

Boosted recently announced that have designed and engineered a 2nd generation of their powerful, lightweight electric skateboards. This time around, the Boosted team “focused on opening up longer distances and more riding conditions while improving safety, reliability, and durability.” The 2nd generation boards are currently available to pre-order and will begin shipping in late July 2016.

Here’s a highlight of what’s new in the 2nd generation board:

Swappable Battery with Optional Extended Range: There are now two battery options, both swappable in minutes so you can choose the range you need. The standard 99 watt-hour battery averages 6-7 miles (10-11 km) of range and is air-transport certified. The extended range 199 watt-hour battery averages 12-14 miles (20-22 km) while adding an incredibly light 0.75 lbs (340 g) and slim 0.3 in (8 mm) to the battery enclosure. Neither affects the bamboo deck’s flexibility and handling.

Water Resistance: The battery, electronics, and motors are now shielded against water damage, so puddles and damp conditions won’t damage them.

Upgraded Deck and Drivetrain: The board is still based on the amazing Loaded Vanguard deck. The Orangatang wheels are now 80mm for a smoother ride, and the trucks are now custom for improved carving. Upgrades to the motors and transmission have resulted in more motor torque, cooler operation, lighter weight and easier maintenance. (read more)

Boosted Board

Boosted Board

Boosted Board

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