25 People We All Knew By Name But Have Rarely Seen In Photos

Whether you’re interested in fashion or not, you may probably know some of the biggest fashion brands out there – Armani, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, etc. However, usually the masterminds behind the brands are camera-shy and stay cleer out of the media attention to focus on their craft. Therefore, in case you ever wondered who creates those beautiful, out-of-this-world and madly expensive designs, we have compiled a list for you of faces behind the famous fashion brands.

Miuccia Prada

Marc Jacobs

Christian Lacroix

Image credits: unknown


Image credits: jacquemus

Vera Wang

Image credits: Vera Wang

John Galliano

Image credits: jgalliano

Jean Paul Gaultier

Image credits: jpgaultierofficial

Tom Ford

Image credits: tomford

Diane von Furstenberg

Image credits: dvf

Alexander Wang

Image credits: alexanderwangny

Thierry Mugler

Image credits: manfredthierrymugler

Vivienne Westwood

Image credits: viviennewestwood

Stella McCartney

Image credits: stellamccartney

Michael Kors

Image credits: MichaelKors

Roland Mouret

Image credits: roland_mouret

Giorgio Armani

Image credits: Armani

Calvin Klein

Image credits: David Shankbone

Donna Karan

Image credits: donnakaran

Oscar de la Renta

Image credits: oscardelarenta

Elie Saab

Image credits: Elie Saab

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