22 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Social Anxiety

I’m awkward, but I’m not Zooey Deschanel “adorkable” awkward. I’m “50 mg of Zoloft for social anxiety” awkward. It’s far less marketable. You know that feeling when you’re getting your picture taken and you realize it’s actually a video? THAT’S HOW I FEEL ALL THE TIME. No one will ever describe me as “comfortable in my own skin”. Le sigh. Here are a few times Tumblr totally nailed what it’s like to have social anxiety:

1. Ordering stuff is hard

2. Seriously, though

3. It’s quite a rush

4. You’d still like to “get out there”

5. Your phone is your safe space

6. You’re not rude!

7. You’ll do some weird things

8. There are specific situations that terrify you

9. You always feel like you need a specific invitation

10. It’s different than it’s marketed

11. These are your mantras:

12. You always feel like people don’t like you…

13. … Even though you know it’s ridiculous

14. It’s a always there, even if people can’t tell

15. You love cancelling plans

16. Your friends don’t get it

17. You plan out how things are going to happen to ease your anxiety

18. THIS:

19. You have your process

20. Honestly, it’s a skill

21. Sometimes people can’t even tell you have it

22. Social Anxiety makes life hard

Do you relate to any these? Don’t call me, don’t ask to hang out, just let me know on Twitter!

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