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21 Women Explain How They Really Feel About Facials

Facials. No, not that kind. The other kind of facial. If you’ve seen porn, you know exactly what a facial is.

If don’t know what a facial is (not the spa kind, I mean), it’s when a man ejaculates his semen onto his partner’s face. Yep, that’s it. Most guys love them, and maybe your man has asked to cum on your face before. Well, should you? Check out these 21 AskReddit facial stories and decide for yourself (CONSENT IS KEY, PEOPLE!).

1. One Redditor loves facials because she feels “so sexy that he wants to be able to have himself all over the part of me he thinks is sexiest”:

As a woman, I love facials. I love them because it makes me feel like he wants me as his own. Like he thinks I am so sexy that he wants to be able to have himself all over the part of me he thinks is sexiest. It makes me feel so sexy and so wanted. And I love seeing how much he loves it. I think it’s incredibly hot and it feels dirty, but in a really great way. I’m really happy and he just looks so hot and in control of me, and that is just incredible.

2. One lady loves facials, even though her boyfriends sometimes don’t:

Some of the guys I’ve dated were hesitant to cum on my face because it’s “some slutty porn star shit,” but some of them do love it. Here’s the thing: I LOVE when guys cum on me. It turns me on so much. I love to give a guy head and suck him off up until he’s ready to bust and then I’ll finish him off all over my face and then lick it up afterwards. Maybe that is “some slutty porn star shit,” but I can’t get enough of it.

3. SapientSlut enjoys getting facials—except when it gets in her nose:

I find it enjoyable, as long as he doesn’t get it in my eyes or up my nose (yes, this happened).
Fun fact: cum BURNS in your sinuses!

4. DoesThisLookNormal, who’s a dude, wasn’t super until giving facials until he realized how much his current girlfriend loves them:

It’s never been a thing for me as a guy. Done it before in previous relationships, and even when that’s what they asked for, I think it was more of a thing to please me. Didn’t really do much for me.
My current girlfriend however… She totally loves it when I cum on her face or tits. She totally gets off on it. Seeing the satisfaction she gets out of it makes it a completely different experience for me. With her, it definitely turns me on.

5. Batdalph really loves getting facials—like everything about them:

I don’t think it’s degrading at all, nor is it about power. For me, I just fucking love cum. His in particular, it turns me on to no end. I rub it all over me when he comes on me. As long as he avoids my eyes and nose, it’s the hottest thing ever. I love the taste, smell, just everything. I wipe it off with my hand and lick my fingers after.

6. But some people like Jemeloo aren’t big fans:

If I let someone give me a facial, it certainly isn’t for my own enjoyment. It feels like warm snot on your face.

7. iowagirlbbw says getting a facial is “like being gifted with the only biological gift a man can give me that isn’t conception.”

Receiving a facial is like being gifted with the only biological gift a man can give me that isn’t conception. I personally consider it an honor to take a man’s cum on my face, in my mouth, or anywhere else on my body he might want to place it. 
Lol the only “unsatisfactory” part is when too much gets in my eyes. Even then, the sting subsides within two hours and it’s fine. In fact I ALWAYS have a better complexion the day after a facial. Cum is great for your skin I think. Well it’s good for mine anyway.

8. Facials can feel “primal and dirty,” which is why sexxxualromance loves getting them:

Personally, I really like it because it feels kinda primal and dirty, like he’s marking me as his.

9. CleverReference isn’t always into facials, but she loves how turned on it makes her boo:

It’s not that it’s particularly enjoyable in itself; it’s what it does for my partner. The look on his face when I ask him if he wants to cum on my face/tits is amazing. The look on his face while he’s doing it is amazing. My enjoyment doesn’t come from having cum on me per se, rather the events surrounding it. I certainly don’t mind though – we do it probably 1-3 times a week, mostly at my suggestion. Also, he rubs me down with a damp towel afterwards, so I don’t really have to deal with it, and also that feels nice ?

10. ElEhZed isn’t a huge fan, but she did it to make her partner happy:

I’ve only ever had one facial, and it was OK. Mostly I was concerned about it going up my nose (I had my head tilted back and he was standing above me). It definitely doesn’t feel good, but it was harmless and I liked making my partner happy by fulfilling his request. I’d do it again if he asked, but I prefer him cumming on other parts of me, or in me.

11. MissRayChill loves the bonding experience:

Essentially, for me at least, it’s warm and that’s pretty nice in itself. I also just like my partner ejaculating and it ties it to me, makes me more involved if he is finishing himself off or something.

12. One user hated the idea of getting a facial, but totally changed her mind after trying it:

My boyfriend had been begging to cum on my face for months before I finally let him try. Honestly, I hated the idea of his load dripping all over my face—it just seemed degrading. But I really trusted him and gave it a try. Turns out, it was really hot. The warm cum kinda felt good on my face. And you could tell my boyfriend really enjoyed it, which made me feel great too. I don’t always let him give me facials (I prefer when he finishes inside of me), but now we do it at least one a month or so, and he always is super caring and kind afterwards.

13. Another user‘s experience was a nightmare:

I had gotten a few facials before, but then one time he starts splooging and I had my head tilted back and somehow some of his cum went up my nose which really irritated my sinuses and then I ended up sneezing cum and snot all over his dick and stomach.

14. One woman says it all depends on the dude and how caring he is:

I have had a few different guys give me a facial before, but I never let them cum on my face until we’ve hooked up a few times before. And for some guys, I only let them do it once. If they can’t even get me a towel as my face is soaked with their semen, they don’t deserve to cum on my face in the first place.

15. This chick is repulsed by them:

Cum is gross. No matter what. It’s like icing except bad in every way—it’s sticky and warm and gooey and tough to clean off and tastes absolutely disgusting. 

16. Now this person makes a solid point:

As long as you don’t mind it that much and as long as he doesn’t get it in your eyes, I’ve found that my boyfriend loves it AND IT’S DEFINITELY BETTER THAN GETTING PREGNANT.

17. This girl enjoys facials for the non-sexual benefits too:

I don’t know the science behind it, but I swear my skin looks and feels so much better the morning after I let my boyfriend cum on my face. Better than any other face cream—and it’s free!

18. This user admits it can be degrading, but says she’s into that if she knows her partner loves her:

When I’m at work, I call the shots. I’m the manager. When I get home though, I want my man to take charge. And nothing’s more dominant than when a man cums on your face. Sure, sometimes it feels degrading, but as long as I know the guy really loves and care for me, then I absolutely love when he takes over and makes sure I know that I’m his.

19. Wow, Tekkiethetektite recalled the time her boyfriend blew a load all over his own face:

So I was dating this guy with a huge jewfro in my sophomore year of college. I go over to his dorm and I can hear him in his room typing as I put my ear to the door. I like to scare him by busting into the door yelling “BOO!” because it’s usually funny. Usually.
This time it was hilarious.
So I slowly, carefully turn the doorknob to his room so that no sound is made. It’s unlocked. Score. Holding the door in place for a moment I grin to myself, brace and bust into the room going “OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!”
I expect to see him playing WoW.
But instead I find him with his pants open, penis in hand, right at the point of his orgasm. My eyes widen and he turns and looks at me with a mix of surprise and horror as he orgasms. Streams of semen shoot from his penis and fly upwards, strings of manjuice getting tangled in the curls of his jewfro while a single string plants itself bisecting his face, directly across his nose.
There is an awkward split second of silence before I bust out laughing and run out of the room laughing hysterically.

20. One dude explains the hilariously embarrassing story about why he no longer finishes on his girlfriend’s face:

My girlfriend used to let me cum on her face, and we both really loved it and did it a few times a week. But one time we were getting a quickie one morning before work and I accidentally got the cum in her eye. She said it kinda stung a bit, but she went onto work as usual. But then her coworkers started asking about her eye. She went to check the mirror and noticed that her eye had gotten completely red and even a little swollen. It stayed like that for three days before getting back to normal. She doesn’t let me cum on her face anymore.

21. And the greatest facial story of all time:

The guy ended up ejaculating in his hand and without a moment’s notice, dipped his other hand’s thumb in the sperm and smeared it across the girl’s forehead. His only words… “Simba”

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