21 Times Terry Crews Proved That He’s The Best

It’s fair to say that Terry Crews is making the most of his time on planet Earth. Pro-Footballer, activist, actor, game show host, artist.. this multi-talented man is not afraid to challenge himself and put himself out there, and his sense of humor and obvious passion for whatever it is he is doing is an inspiration to many! Because being talented is one thing, but being an all-round good guy who puts others before himself is what makes Terry so popular.

Below are just some of the many reasons why we think that Terry is the coolest guy around. From his on-screen antics to his heartfelt revelations about sexual assault and his contribution to the #metoo movement, this dude from Flint, Michigan, has already done more than most of us could do in several lifetimes. Scroll down to check them out and tell us what you think in the comments!

Some people are using this photo of him in order not to spend money

Image credits: mrdanielcabral

After seeing that post, Terry decided to do the same thing himself

Image credits: terrycrews

This girl wanted to have him on her card as well

Image credits: DarrelKennedy

And Terry approved

He’s ‘secretly’ an artist

Image credits: slarkpope

And he played in the actual NFL

Image credits: BoltFriar

Image credits: BoltFriar

Terry Crews also shared this pic with the caption: “So honored to be inducted into the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame at their 34th Annual Induction Ceremony on March, 25th!”

Image credits: terrycrews

He’s a great actor and he’s hilariously funny, here’s he is in ‘Brooklyn 99.’

Image credits: alskndjfh

Image credits: Fox

Also ‘Everybody Hates Chris’

Image credits: PrivateIsotope

And then becoming the most badass president this world could ever imagine

Image credits: ar15

He’s probably the only person who could get away with this level of shade

He has spoken up about the #MeToo movement – including discussing toxic masculinity, his own experiences as a victim of sexual assault, and the industry in general

Image credits: Time/Youtube

Which included recounting his own experiences and using them to help others empathize more with victims

Image credits: youngsamberg

His relationship with his wife is adorable

Image credits: terrycrews

Image credits: terrycrews

He got drinks with his and his wife’s faces on them

Image credits: terrycrews

He’s a wonderful father who constantly professes his love for his children

Image credits: terrycrews

Image credits: terrycrews

He’s honestly just the daddiest dad of all

Image credits: terrycrews

Image credits: terrycrews

He has an eclectic taste in music, which includes K-pop

Image credits: mimibtsghost

The time he was in ‘Battledome’

Image credits: jramos11

Nobody outperforms Terry on a Flex Cam. Nobody!

Image credits: AdamE89

What do you think?

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