21 Disney/Pokémon Crossover Illustrations That Are Pretty Damn Awesome

Sometimes an artist combines your two favorite things, and you’re mind gets blown. Enter: illustrator Krista Staggs, who’s managed to cross-pollinate the worlds of Pokémon and Disney in a beautiful way. In this case, “too much of a good thing” does not apply. Along with other artists online, Staggs has made a delightful combination of two different styles. Here are our favorite Disney and Pokémon crossovers:

1. Jiggleypuff + Vanellope von Schweetz

pokemon meets disney jiggleypuff vanellope von schweetz
(by Krista Staggs)

2. Merida + Teddiursas

pokemon meets disney merida teddiursas
(by Krista Staggs)

3. Belle + Ursaring

pokemon meets disney belle ursaring
(by Krista Staggs)

4. Stitch + Pikachu

pokemon meets disney stitch pikachu
(by Krista Staggs)

5. Anna + Abomasnow

pokemon meets disney anna Abomasnow
(by Krista Staggs)

6. Simba + Shinx

pokemon meets disney simba shinx
(by Krista Staggs)

7. Ariel + Magikarp

pokemon meets disney ariel magikarp
(by Krista Staggs)

8. Chesire Cat + Gengar

pokemon meets disney chesire cat genera
(by Krista Staggs)

9. Jasmine + Pidgey

pokemon meets disney jasmine pidgey
(by Krista Staggs)

10. Elsa + Articuno

pokemon meets disney elsa articuno
(by Krista Staggs)

11. Peter Pan + Scraggy

pokemon meets disney peter pan scraggy
(by Krista Staggs)

12. Tiana + Politoad

pokemon meets disney tiana politoad
(by Krista Staggs)

13. Alice + Caterpie, Meowth,

alice in wonderland pokemon meets disney
(by ItsBirdyArt)

14. Elsa + Glaceon

pokemon meets disney tiana politoad
(by Kiwi)

15. Hans + Sawsbuck

pokemon meets disney hans
(by Isaiah Stephens)

16. Snow White + Pikachu

snow white pikachu pokemon meets disney

17. For The Birds + Pokémon

pokemon meets disney birds
(by LynxGriffin)

18. Emperor’s New Groove + Pokémon

emperors new grove vibafleischer disney pokemon
(by VibaFleischer)

19. Winnie The Pooh + Pokémon

winnie the pooh disney pokemon
(by VibaFleischer)

20. Jasmine, Aladdin + Pikachu

aladdin jasmine disney pokemon
(by KurumiErika)

21. All the Princesses

disneys pokemon princesses
(by Hapuriainen)

Which artist do you think combined the worlds of Disney and Pokémon the best? Let me know on Twitter!

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